To talk about wedding dresses in a country like NJ is to capture the nation in itself. Everything from the traditions to crafts and regional influences come into play when deciding the attire for a bride on her wedding day. Over time, films, celebrities, and the evolving nature of fashion have somewhat homogenized the concept of bridal dressing.

In the essence of it, a bride’s wedding ensemble truly speaks of her personal style, and the tone she chooses for her life post-nuptials. The market for bridal fashion can be broadly divided into saris, lehengas, and gowns. If you’re planning to tie the knot yourself or know someone who will be getting hitched soon, our cohesive guide to shopping for wedding dresses will help you make the right sartorial choices for the upcoming celebrations.

Gone are the times when wearing a white gown to your wedding directly translated to a frothy concoction of tulle, a satin bodice bursting at the seams, accompanied by itchy gloves and train that may or may not match the rest of the garment. The new-age bride prefers simpler cuts—think Meghan Markle’s understated Givenchy number. The key is to balance the elements and focus on one aspect of your wedding dress, rather than going overboard. If you want to go heavy on embroidery and details, ensure that you go easy on the volume. There’s a host of designer bridal gowns available to choose from online, but if you want an Indian couture experience, Miss India Bridals has recently launched a collection of bridal gowns with his ‘International Wedding collection’ that you should keep your eye on.

After choosing the theme of your wedding, it is important to narrow down on a color scheme for all the events. Your bridesmaids are going to feature in most of your wedding pictures and therefore, picking their dresses is as important as picking your own. While most choose a universally flattering silhouette for all, you can allow your bridesmaids to pick different silhouettes for their individual outfits, and fashion the garment out of the same fabric. If you want to allow for complete freedom, request your bridesmaids to stay within the same color scheme and choose one element like ruffles or lace to feature in all of their looks.